Zohaib Ijaz

I am a Software Engineer with over 10 years of experience as a full-stack developer (frontend heavy) with expertise in React/NextJs, JavaScript, Node, and Python (Flask, Django). Additionally, I hold an AWS Certified Developer Associate certification and have a strong background in Amazon Web Services as a developer.

Frontend Technologies

Backend Technologies


10 Years, 7 Months

Principal Software Engineer

Enquizit Inc. - Lahore, Pakistan

I am working at Enquizit as a Frontend Engineer and Team Lead. My responsibilities include team management, development and maintaining code quality through code reviews and establishing strong coding standards.

3 Y, 8 M

Sr. Software Engineer

NorthBay Solutions - Lahore, Pakistan

In Northbay Solutions, I am working as a Team Lead and Sr. Frontend Developer. I had some React experience before joining here but since this joining, I’ve been working on React projects along with other libraries in React ecosystem like Redux, redux-saga, Ant Design (A React component library), react-router, sass, less, PubNub and many others.

2 Y, 7 M

Senior Software Engineer

QC Technologies - Lahore, Pakistan

I worked here as full-stack developer and team lead. I worked with Python, Javascript, Flask microservices, AWS Lambda (serverless programming), AWS EC2, SES, SNS, SQS, API Gateway and more. I have experience working with traditional Restful services as well as modern Graphql based apis.

2 Y, 11 M

Software Engineer

CVAR - Lahore, Pakistan

I did full-stack development on a web based project for Disease and Spread Modeling. There was a backend Spring (Java framework) based service to fetch patients' data which we needed to visualize in an html page/web app. I used D3 and Highcharts for different data visualization and used OpenLayer maps ( to show hotspots for disease spread.

1 Y, 5 M